Virtual Booth for VR/AR

We offer a platform to companies that want to have VR/AR touchpoints with their customers and leverage immersive virtual technologies for growth

Virtual Booth Development

We create virtual booth, customized to your specification at an affordable rate

Virtual Booth SaaS Tool

You can also create your virtual booth easily on a web browser

(This tool is under development)

Virtual Exhibition Platform

You can participate in virtual exhibitions using your existing virtual booth on the Vooth platform

Anywhere like the website, Deep information like the exhibition

– While a website is cost effective and easily accessible, it is difficult to explain a 3D machine/tool on the website which is essentially a 2D media channel. On the other hand, an exhibition is an excellent touchpoint with customers but it takes quite a lot of money and time for both parties to participate in it

– Vooth, which is our original virtual booth service, has the best of both worlds. A cost effective and highly accessible 3D media channel that allows you to meet your customers from anywhere in the world in an immersive virtual environment customized to your needs

VR Touch Point

Vooth is the new way to connect deeply with your customers like never before

Like Website

In the world of affordable VR devices, your customers can access your virtual booth from anywhere

Like Exhibition

The virtual booth is immersive and suitable for conveying your brand image, and it can also convey 3D information

3D Object

Your customers can experience your 3D products in any size and from any perspective (static and animated) in the virtual spaces

VR Platform

Your virtual booth can be stored on the VR Platform. Thus, there is no need to prepare a server in-house

VR Meeting

Just like a real exhibition, you can have a meeting with your customers while holding/experiencing a 3D product in the virtual space

Our pricing plans

You can use our service with the production fee of the virtual booth and subscription fee of the Vooth Platform.

Virtual Booth Production

Basic Plan

$2,000/ W:3m x D:3m x H:2.7m

  • Fixed size
  • Choosing booth designs from templates
  • Preparing data of pictures and videos
  • Preparing 3D data

Virtual Booth Production

Advance Plan

$3,000-/ Custom Size

  • Any size
  • Original booth design from scratch
  • Creating new picture data
  • Creating 3D data

Platform Service


$50-/ Per Month

  • Usage fee of Vooth Platform
  • VR Meeting System

Give your customers deeper information through virtual booths!

Vooth is an immersive 3D touchpoint that you have never experienced before

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